Request Miraculous Oil

wpf8825c76_05_06Oil From the Religious Objects in Audrey’s Room

  • The liturgical vessels (chalices & ciboria) as well as crucifixes, religious statues and pictures in Audrey’s room weep or secrete an oil mysteriously.
  • An independent commission that investigated this phenomenon on behalf of the Bishop of Worcester in 2004 found no fraud and offered no explanation as to its cause or appearance.
  • This oil is a mystery. It appears miraculously and without explanation or expectation. We believe it is a gift from God.
  • This is not Sacred Chrism or a sacramental oil of the Church. Those oils are consecrated by the bishop and used only by ordained ministers to anoint.
  • This oil and its connection to Audrey are used by God as His instruments. Please remember that it is God and your faith that heal you.
  • We believe by the witness of Audrey’s life that these gifts should lead you to the greatest healing power that God gives us- His Son in the Eucharist. Receive. Please visit Him daily!
  • Visitors to Audrey’s room are able to venerate the consecrated hosts that also weep an oil. Though several years old and saturated in oil it is fragile and crisp enough to break if touched.
  • Oil is provided to pilgrims free of charge. Please do not send money for the oil. We will need to return it to you. Donations to the Foundation for Audrey’s cause to Sainthood are always welcome and appreciated but not for the oil. This is a gift from God, therefore it is a free gift to you.
  • Please make only ONE request per person please.  Our local bishop has requested us to follow this directive.  So, we are not allowed to provide oil for others. Everyone needs to make their own request for oil.
  • Please send your request with a Self-Addressed Stamped (SASE) envelope with your return address on it to:
    • Little Audrey Santo Foundation
      Request for Miraculous Oil
      64 S Flagg Street
      Worcester, MA  01602
  • Use the oil to bless yourself or others in prayer.

Thank You and God Bless You!