Request Mystery Oil

wpf8825c76_05_06Oil From the Weeping Images

The oil is a mystery — we believe it is from God.

This is not the Chrism oil of the Church that is used by priests for anointing.

The oil and Audrey are used as instruments of God. God and your faith heals you. Audrey leads you to the greatest healing power God left us, His son in the Eucharist, receive Him daily and visit Him!

The oil exudes from the blessed images of Jesus, Mary, other statues and pictures in addition to the Chalices and Ciboriums.

The oil is free — please do not send money for the oil, we will send the money back to you.

One oil per request — have others write for their own oil — do not ask for oil for others.

Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope (legal size) with return address (SASE) with your request for oil, it helps the Ministry.

Little Audrey Santo Foundation
64 S. Flagg Street
Worcester, MA 01602

Bless yourself with the oil and pray.

Thank You and God Bless You!