Miracles with the Eucharist

One of the seemingly inexplicable and yet extraordinary happenings that surrounded Little Audrey was the miracles that have involved the consecrated host, understood by Catholics to be a Real Presence of the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus. While similar miracles have been recorded at different times in history and virtually all over the world, no one seems to be aware of the frequency in a single location as has occurred at Little Audrey’s home and chapel.

After Little Audrey’s accident, and her recovery in the hospital, a therapist broke both her legs and dislocated her shoulder. As a result, from that moment on, Audrey was never able again to bend at the waist or to sit. Realizing that this would not allow her to travel in ordinary means, since she couldn’t be placed in a car seat and the law would not allow her to be laid across a back seat, it meant that Little Audrey’s ability to leave her house would be monumental. Therefore, after celebrating her First Communion with her, Bishop Flanagan gave permission, unsolicited by Audrey’s family, for the Blessed Sacrament to be reserved in her home.

Miracle Hosts

The First Host

(consecrated by Bishop Bernard Flanagan, Bishop Emeritus of Worcester on January 12, 1992)

On January 12, 1992, Bishop Flanagan celebrated Mass in the Santo home on their dining room table. A small piece of one of the hosts was given to Audrey and the remainder of the host was reserved in the tabernacle in her room. The next day when the host was taken from the tabernacle so that another piece could be given to Little Audrey for her communion (the only food Audrey took by mouth after her accident), her mother noticed that there was a stain on the host that appeared to be blood. She contacted Msgr. Paul O’Connell then the pastor of Christ the King who came and inspected the host and recommended that it be reserved and not consumed. Subsequently, Linda called Bishop Flanagan who arrived shortly thereafter. He confirmed their thoughts that the host had begun to issue human blood and that it should be set aside and reserved. This host is featured in a video issued by Mercy Foundation titled Eucharistic Miracles. Though not identified as such, the first host featured in this video is this host consecrated by Bishop Flanagan. Later, DNA testing of this host in 1995 by Bogislau Lapinski confirmed that the host contains human blood; the same testing revealed that the host contains human cardiac tissue.

This is a photo of the test results conducted by Bagislau Lapinski giving scientific proof that the host contains human blood.

The Second Host

(Consecrated by The Rev. George Joyce, Retired Priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC on May 22, 1996, the feast of Saint Rita of Cascia)

The bleeding of the second host occurred during a Mass celebrated by Fr. George Joyce, a longtime family friend of the Santo family. Fr. Joyce often came to visit Audrey and her family often and to celebrate Mass with them n the the converted garage that even today is a chapel.

The Third Host

(Consecrated by The Rev. George Joyce, Retired Priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC on May 29, 1996)

A week later, a similar miracle occurred during another Mass that Fr. Joyce celebrated in the chapel. Less than a week apart, the miracles of these hosts continue to confound and inspire religious leaders and the faithful even today. These hosts are preserved still. While they bled beyond their initial discovery, they stopped bleeding several weeks later, however, soaked in blood and now over twenty years old, they have not mildewed, but are preserved incorruptible.

The Fourth Host

(Consecrated by the Rev. George Joyce, with the Rev. Thomas P. McCarthy CSV (Clerics of Saint Viator (Viatorians) Province Center Superior at Arlington Heights, IL, and the Rev. Leo Potvin, Pastor of Saint John the Baptist Parish in Newport, NY in the Diocese of Albany. This event was recorded live by a filming team under the direction of John Clote of Franciscan Media).

One week later, on June 5, 1996, the Feast of Saint Boniface, while a team was filming the Mass being celebrated in Audrey’s chapel, the host began to bleed during Mass. It was one of the small hosts on a paten on the altar. As he noticed it, the concelebrants gasped and Fr. Joyce held the host up for all present in the chapel to see firsthand the miracle before their own eyes. As the film crew realized what was happening, the cameraman was so overcome, he dropped his camera, but it kept filming. The event can be seen in the Mercy Foundation film on Audrey, titled The Voice of a Silent Soul. This event is remembered and explained in Fr. Thomas McCarthy’s autobiography, Forever a Priest.

The Fifth Host

(Consecrated by The Rev. George Joyce, Retired Priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC on May 7, 2004)

It would be eight years before this miracle would occur again. This time again, Fr. Joyce was celebrating Mass in the chapel when the host began to bleed during Mass. Within three years, Audrey will pass from this world to the loving embrace of her beloved Jesus. Following that, when Linda asked Bishop McManus what she should do with the hosts, he offered to house them in his private residence where they currently remain. Bishop McManus has detailed that while they no longer continue to bleed, all of them are incorruptible, still maintaining the consistency of bread even though they have been moist for ten to twenty five years.

The Sixth Host

(Consecrated by the Rev. Walter Riley, Vicar for Priests for the Diocese of Worcester on March 12, 2010)

Almost a full three years after Audrey was called to God’s glory, Fr. Riley was celebrating Mass for a small group of the Foundation in the chapel. When he held the host up for the consecration, it was clear to everyone present that the host began to spontaneously bleed. There is a video of a series of photos taken over a period of months that show the progression of the bleeding that started in the center of the host, bled down and over the monstrance that it had been placed in. Bishop McManus determined that this host could be kept at Audrey’s house and made available to pilgrims for their adoration of Our Lord in this amazing miracle and testimony to the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of the Lord in the Eucharist. This host is housed in the tabernacle in the chapel at Audrey’s and is presented for Adoration at events with pilgrims.

The Other Hosts?

There are other events, one of which was recorded in a video, when a host would appear to issue blood or oil and were subsequently consumed by the priest, either the phenomenon unnoticed by the celebrant, or his choice for his own reasons to consume the host rather than set it aside or reserve it. No one knows how often this has happened although several pilgrims have taken notice of it on more than one occasion.

In November of 2018, the chapel at Little Audrey’s home was renovated to allow for more pilgrims to attend Mass and adoration. In addition, to promote devotion to the Eucharist, the larger tabernacle in Audrey’s room, that she saw everyday was moved for the pilgrim’s veneration as well. In relocating and returning items to their proper places, two hosts were discovered discolored in the tabernacle. The older one, still intact but with a deep reddish brown color of dried blood, was the remaining part of the host from which Little Audrey took her final communion in 2007, still with the appearance of bread and crisp to the touch, but appearing to be saturated with a liquid of a dark red color. The second was a newer host in a pyx that had been reserved following a Mass celebrated in the chapel in October or November. It had a reddish orange hue, similar to the other hosts described above. This host had been left in the tabernacle and was untouched until January. It was crisp although it seemed to be soaked with a liquid that did not dissolve or destroy the host as the same time.

The Seventh Host that Weeps Oil

This is a photo of the most recent host marked by an apparent staining of blood. This host was reserved in a locked tabernacle during chapel renovations and went unnoticed from November of 2018 until it was placed in the refurbished chapel in January of 2019.

In 2009, Fr. Ubald, a priest of Rwanda, who often travels in the United States for fundraising for his home diocese was brought by a group to Little Audrey’s house and celebrated Mass in the chapel. During Mass, he noticed a small speck of red blood in the center of the host. Overwhelmed by the experience, he invited Linda and Deacon Tony Surozenski, the Vice-Postulator for Audrey’s cause to come and inspect the host. The host was set aside and brought to the tabernacle in Audrey’s room. Once reserved the host began to weep a miraculous oil. The oil is clear with a heavy viscosity. It continues to ooze this oil in various amounts.

The ‘Angel’ Host

In 2012, Fr. Joseph Ianuzzi, a mystical theologian and Vatican exorcist came to visit with Bishop McManus and stayed at Little Audrey’s home. The morning of their meeting with Bishop McManus, Deacon Tony and Fr. Ianuzzi opened the tabernacle that houses the weeping host consecrated by Fr. Ubald. There in the locked tabernacle, standing on edge and leaning against the back of the tabernacle was a perfect duplicate of the host consecrated by Fr. Ubald. Since no one had access to the tabernacle and it appeared miraculously, it is claimed that it was brought by the angels, thus it is referred to as the ‘Angel’ host. Subsequently, this host continues to be reserved and weeps oil that is used for the anointing services in the chapel. Though saturated with oil for nearly a decade, both hosts are crisp to the touch and weep an usually clear and sticky oil.

A photo of the two hosts reserved in the tabernacle in Little Audrey’s room. The wavy host lying flat on the gold paten was consecrated by Fr. Ubald. The standing host is known as ‘the Angel host.’ Beneath these hosts is a glass bowl that collects the oil that miraculously ‘weeps’ from these hosts. Pilgrims visiting the site are anointed with this oil.