Foundation Mission

The purpose of the Little Audrey Santo Foundation is to make known the life of Audrey Marie Santo, to bring people to Jesus Christ through “Little Audrey”, and to advance the Cause for Her Beatification and Canonization in the Catholic Church.

The Foundation has been recognized and established by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is in accordance with the norm of Canon law 299. The Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts has approved the Document for Her Cause.

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

We continue to remain open with the permission and support of our Bishop Robert McManus. The five bleeding hosts remain with the Bishop per the request of Audrey’s family. The sixth bleeding host remains in Little Audrey’s Chapel and the seventh bleeding host is in Little Audrey’s room.  God continues to send the oil.

We are currently working on the future canonization of Little Audrey. Now Little Audrey needs your help. Little Audrey could be the saint of the Eucharist, the saint of Life and the saint of youth, a saint much needed in our world today! Please pray for us to accomplish her Cause for sainthood.

We look forward to hearing about the wondrous ways Little Audrey has touched your lives. Please report all favors through Little Audrey’s intercession. What a gift she had been to us, here on earth, and even more powerfully now in heaven as our future saint!

Thank you for all the Masses and prayers for Audrey and her family. Please help us spread her gifts with donations payable to the Little Audrey Santo Foundation. All donations are tax deductible and used for Little Audrey’s Cause for Her beatification and canonization.

May Little Audrey continue to intercede for you in heaven and may God bless you and your families.

Please pray for Little Audrey’s cause for canonization!

Please spread the message and join us for all the events!

We Are Available to Speak at Your Church, Conferences, or Prayer Groups.  Please contact 508-755-8712 if Interested.

In Jesus Christ,  

Linda Santo and Family