Extraordinary Events

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Audrey's Date of Birth - December 19, 1983

Audrey's Accident - August 9, 1987 at 11:03 a.m.

August 9, 1945 at 11:03am Bomb fell at Nagasaki

Eternal Life - April 14, 2007

First picture to exude oil- Our Lady of Guadalupe

First statue to bleed - Good Shepherd

First picture to bleed - St. Rita

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Extraordinary Events
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Seven Bleeding Hosts

1. Bishop Bernard Flanagan Worcester Diocese, Retired Washington D.C. Diocese (Deceased)
January 5, 1992

2. Fr. George Joyce Washington D.C. Diocese (Deceased)

3. Fr. George Joyce
May 22,1996

4. Fr. George Joyce, Fr. Tom McCarthy Chicago Diocese (Deceased), plus two priests from India
June 5, 1996

5. Fr. George Joyce
May 7, 2004

6. Fr. Walter Riley Worcester Diocese
March 12, 2010

7. Fr. Ubauld
May 12, 2011

Extraordinary Events in the Life of Little Audrey

On Good Friday 1996, Fr. George Joyce with witnesses present in Little Audrey’s room opened the Tabernacle and blood was flowing from inside and out the door of the tabernacle.

During Holy Mass blood appeared in the chalice that contained white wine. This was a documented concelebrated Mass in Little Audrey’s Chapel. Presumptive tests for blood using O-Tol were positive.

Eucharists were tested for human blood; the results were positive. Using the O-Tol and LMG tests, both were positive. Cross-over electrophoresis confirmed human species protein matter.

Oil was tested in the Kraft Lab and H.S. Laboratory. The results were olive oil with no fingerprint and no origin.