TopDeader-Help (1)

Dear Friends of Little Audrey, We are working diligently on promoting the cause for Little Audrey’s sainthood and we are in great need of your help to repair and beautify The Ministry House where we house visiting priests, nuns and the gift shop. Please bring your talents, supplies and “elbow grease” to help us with some of the work listed below:

1. A good scrubbing of the bulkhead stairs

2. Paint the bulkhead stairs

3. Paint or tile the basement floors

4. Clean the gutters

5. Paint the Gift shop

6. Power wash the house

7. Or ANYTHING you can do to BEAUTIFY the Ministry House

Please call us at 508-755-8712 with your questions. God Blesses a Joyful Giver!!!! THANK YOU!!! Little Audrey Santo Foundation

May our Lord bless you abundantly for your kindness and generosity.