As the number of visitors grew to come and request favors and prayers from Audrey and participate in the Masses that friends of Audrey’s family friends celebrated there. At first, they celebrated Mass in the back yard of the Santo home. As the crowds continued to increase, they converted the former garage which was part of the original house into a chapel. Here they placed an altar that was donated from a local parish as well as one of the tabernacles that was a gift to Audrey. Little by little, they added images, icons, statues, and other religious objects that people brought – either in gratitude for a favor given or for a particular request.

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In November of 2018, the Board agreed with the recommendation of Father Peter Joyce, diocesan liaison from Bishop McManus to the Foundation, to close the chapel temporarily to give it a facelift. This included some new lighting, painting the ceiling and walls, a new altar and pews as well as some liturgical adaptations to make more room for the pilgrims that come to visit Audrey’s room. On Friday, March 15, 2019, Bishop McManus visited to bless the renovations of the chapel and to celebrate Mass in this restored space.

Chapel Renovation Memorials
November 2018

Item Gift
New recessed lighting taken Bill & Genny Arndt
Painting of chapel $1,000  
Matte & Framing of Audrey taken Linda & Family
New Altar taken In Memory of Fr. George Joyce
New Pew taken M/M Bob Keane
New Pew taken Vinny & Rosanne Verlezza
New Pew $250  
New Pew $250  
New Pew $250  
New Pew $250  
Altar Brass Candlesticks (Pair) $600  
Tabernacle Candlesticks (Pair) $600  
Tabernacle Candlesticks (Pair) $600  
Sanctuary Area Rugs $400  
Frame w/Matte of Host 1 $250  
Frame w/Matte of Host 2 $250  
Frame w/Matte of Host 3 taken M/M Bob Keane
Frame w/Matte of Host 4 $250  
Frame w/Matte of Host 5 taken Betsy Gorman
Frame w/Matte of Host 6 taken In Memory of Ed Suprenant by his wife, Pat
New Pulpit   On hold
New Presider Chair   On hold
New Side/Deacon Chair   On hold
New Side/Deacon Chair   On hold
Benediction Candelabra (pair)   On hold

These renovations also included new shelving for the statuary, changing the tabernacle, and framing individually photos of the hosts that have bled during Mass at Little Audrey’s. Funds were borrowed for these improvements and changes. A list of memorials is available for those who are willing to donate to the renovations that have given a new look and more space to this important part of Audrey’s life and history.