Little Audrey’s Chapel

While Audrey was with us, many people came to know her powerful intercession. The priests who were friends with her family would often celebrate Mass in her room and also bring their friends and parishioners as guests to meet Audrey, to share their needs, and requests prayers from Audrey. Soon, the power of Audrey’s prayers and her ability to be an intercessor spread and people would come from every corner of the globe. Audrey’s room, filling with medical equipment and her personal needs could not hold the number of visitors and keep the Masses prayerful. It was decided to transform the garage at the home into a chapel where pilgrims could visit and pray as well as attend Mass when a priest was available to do so. It also became a gathering point for many of the groups that would come to celebrate Mass, adore the Blessed Sacrament and pray for Audrey’s healing and their own.

Little Audrey's Home
The Santo home at 64 S. Flagg Street where Audrey came to live. This white door and red wall are for the chapel which was made from the converted garage.

Though Audrey is no longer with us, her home is still a place for people to come in pilgrimage to remember her story, to know her powerful intercession and to ask a favor of God. From November of 2018 until March of 2019, the Foundation undertook extensive renovations to the chapel to accommodate the steady number of pilgrims that come as well as providing a suitable environment for Masses and prayer services for the pilgrims that come to share with Audrey. The chapel is filled with gifts to Audrey of various religious images and artifacts.

In the midst of renovations. The chapel as it was being painted.

The renovations include patching the walls and painting them Audrey’s favorite color of pink. The tabernacle that had been in Audrey’s room during her life was installed in the center of the back wall of the chapel. It is adorned with a special glass baldacchino that was given to Audrey many years ago by a prayer group as a thanksgiving her a favor received. New lighting was installed to make it brighter and easier to read in the chapel. To the right of the entrance, a special shrine was installed with a large photo of Little Audrey, with prayers and votive lights that pilgrims use for their own devotion and prayers.

The new altar and tabernacle following renovations in December of 2018

A new altar was installed that was renewed having been removed from the chapel of an area hospital. The images of the various hosts that have bled that were originally in one large frame have been individually framed, identified and dated as hung around an image of the Holy Face from the Shroud of Turin.

Wall with the image of Saint Charbel and the framed hosts

The image of Saint Pio of Pietrolcina (Padre Pio) that was previously in the chapel is now more prominent displayed on one of the walls and its companion of Saint Charbel (a blood relative of Little Audrey) is on the opposite wall. These two powerful and popular saints are patrons of the cause for Audrey’s process for canonization.

There are new pews, a new area rug, new candlesticks and other details to enhance this important and holy space for worship. New permanent hymnals with the updated responses were also purchased with half of that cost being donated by Saint Patrick Parish in Rutland, MA. The expense of these items has been borne by generous benefactors and there are still some items that can be memorialized. If you see an item you would like to memorialize, please contact us to reserve that for your loved one’s memory.

The following is the list of memorials already reserved and those still available:

In November and December of 2018, efforts were done to modernize and beautify the chapel at Little Audrey’s House.  This included removing some artwork, repainting the walls, installing new recessed lighting and procuring new furnishings.  Some were purchased as new, others were repurposed from closed churches for our needs.  The following is the requested gift for a particular item to be installed in the renovated chapel.  Memorials are available as most of the renovations are completed.  A plaque listing each memorial will be installed at a later date.

Chapel Renovation Memorials
Winter 2018-2019

Item Gift Amount Donor/Memorial
New recessed lighting taken Bill & Genny Arndt
Painting of chapel taken   Michael Hoffman
Matte & Framing of Audrey taken Linda & Family
New Altar taken In Memory of Fr. George Joyce
New Pew taken M/M Bob Keane
New Pew taken Vinny & Rosanne Verlezza
New Pew taken   the Moletteri Family
New Pew taken Inge Forster
New Pew $250  
New Pew $250  
Altar Brass Candlesticks (Pair) takenDr. Anthony & Mary Kay Valente  
Tabernacle Candlesticks (Pair) takenDr. Anthony & Mary Kay Valente
Tabernacle Candlesticks (Pair) takenDr. Anthony & Mary Kay Valente
Sanctuary Area Rugs $400  
Frame w/Matte of Host 1 taken   the Moletteri Family
Frame w/Matte of Host 2 taken   in memory of Sr. Mary Lucy Astuto,
Frame w/Matte of Host 3 taken M/M Bob Keane
Frame w/Matte of Host 4 $250  
Frame w/Matte of Host 5 taken Betsy Gorman
Frame w/Matte of Host 6 taken In Memory of Ed Suprenant by his wife, Pat
New Pulpit   On hold
New Presider Chair   On hold
New Side/Deacon Chair   On hold
New Side/Deacon Chair   On hold
Benediction Candelabra (pair)   On hold

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  1. Robert Hoover

    My wife of 30 years has been suffering for awhile now with neuropathy-like symptoms and pain. If I send a donation, could I possibly receive some of the anointing oil? We are in Missouri and traveling that far would be too hard on her.

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