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1st Saturday, July 7, 2019

Mass at 10:30 AM

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Visits to Audrey’s Room following. The museum and gift shop will also be available.  Please call if you would like to receive a pamphlet with the miraculous oil.

“Every so often, God sends to the world

that special soul that demonstrates more clearly 

his infinite love and mercy for mankind.”

Audrey received worldwide attention after falling into her family’s pool on August 9, 1987, at the age of three.  Medical care given to her sent her tiny body into shock and damaged her nervous system.  By the time she left the hospital she was in a non-moving, non-speaking state, known as Akinetic Mutism.  While she could move her extremities she had little to control over them to be able to care for herself.  Therapy that dislocated her shoulder and broke her two thighs rendered her incapable of ever being able to sit up again.

Contrary to many reports, she was never in a vegetative state or comatose. She was definitely aware of her surroundings and interacted with her family and visitors to her house.  She was also surrounded by religious articles including 6 consecrated hosts that have either bled or wept a miraculous oil.  Even since her death in 2007, these inexplicable phenomena continue to happen on an on-going basis.

While she was alive, each year in August, hundreds of people from near and far flocked to her home and the next door “ministry house” to visit her and bring their needs for her prayers.  As the crowds increased, eventually they moved the celebration to her family’s parish, Christ the King in Worcester, and even once to the College of the Holy Cross in the city, when over 8,000 participated in the Mass to see her and seek miracles and her prayers. Well-known and lesser known media outlets publicized the story from local newspapers to the Boston TV magazine show, Chronicle to national reporting in 20/20, Unexplained Mysteries, EWTN’s programming, Relevant Radio and many others.  Some of these programs can be viewed on YouTube and the internet still.

On April 14, 2007, at the age of 23, surrounded by her loving family and many friends who had shared her life and its prayer with her, Audrey was embraced by her beloved Lord and entered the heavenly realm.  Learn More

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A Novena for Audrey
(to be prayed from the first to the ninth of every month)

Written by Fr. Peter Joyce, Diocesan Liaison to the Foundation, appointed by Bishop Robert McManus, the Diocese of Worcester